Who are you?

We’re a pan-Asian community who are all about discussing a broad range of topics and issues. Not only does this include issues that pertain to Asians living in Asia, but also those of diasporic Asians living around the world.

Are you all actually Asian?

I can assure you that the vast majority of members of this forum are Asian in one form or another.

I am not Asian, can I join?

Yes you can join. It is possible for you to participate in conversations pertaining to a specific Asian issue as long as you are mindful of the power dynamics. For instance, rather than trying to lecture someone of z ethnicity or culture on what their ethnicity or culture is all about, it may be better for you to listen

But I am in love with x ethnicity, can't I join?

If you have an Asian fetish, or a specific Asian ethnic fetish (koreaboo, weeaboo, chinaboo / sinoboo etc), then this website is probably not for you.

What is that black thing on the banner? Is it some futuristic wine cellar?

Nobody actually knows what that is. Please message a member of staff if you manage to identify that object.