Asianspace is a fun, non-profit project, aimed at bringing together members of Asian communities worldwide. It provides a platform in educating the world on various Asian cultures, to discuss interesting and entertaining topics, current events, trends, and academic subjects in a fun and friendly environment.

Meet the team

mrc – Global Moderator
mrc is an ethnic Japanese male of Japanese heritage. He enjoys crafting in his spare time. He likes Japanese pop music otherwise known as JPOP. mrc likes to share lots of tips ranging from fixing up a quick snack to solving complex mathematical problems.

noodles – Administrator
noodles is a Chinese in a Chinese body. He is the designer of AsianSpace. His interests range from science to geopolitics to analysing trends in sociology. noodles cannot decide which he prefers: baroque or gangsta rap.

redwine – Moderator of Vietnamese space
redwine is an ethnic Vietnamese male that sometimes identifies as a pixie in a body. As the name implies, he enjoys red wine. He is passionate about connecting with his roots and getting in touch with his homeland.

Honourable mentions

LA branch – Founding member and top contributor
diamondarereal is a top-tier observational analyst who champions the spirit of his ancestors novelty. The rank names were all designed by him. This is due to his remarkable brain which is full of ideas and creativity. When he is not thinking about some complex paradigm, he may engage in critical thinking in the form of elite concerns and ponderings. diamondsarereal is an advocate of horsecores and bunnycores.

defiancexyzz – Founding member and top contributor
defiancexyzz tells it like it is and knows exactly what he is talking about. He is defiant. He brings his honest take on topics in a straightforward way and doesn't mince his words. defiancexyzz wants to shed light about the mistreatments against his people.

Special thanks

InitialDJay – Writer of rules
A special thanks to InitialDJay. He wrote the rules of this website. Cheers to this fellow!

Elli McCale
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